Our Unique Model

Our Story and Our Model

Pratham Institute

While the global economy is ageing, India is getting younger and younger. India would have the largest population in the working age group.

Does this give us a reason to celebrate? Yes and No!

Yes, because we would have the largest manpower in the world which would create products and services for the rest of the world, putting India in the league of the world's most powerful economies. And No, because despite being the largest manpower supplier, we do not have a skilled and an employable manpower.

Indian Hospitality Sector Scenario

The Tourism industry in India is fast growing. According to the estimates by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the hospitality industry would contribute to 2.5 % of India's GDP and would generate 13.45 million jobs by 2025
However, there seems to be a dearth of institutions to supply 'Skilled Manpower' to meet this demand.
The PACE Collection of Hotels – a project by Pratham Institute has been the first of its kind initiative to keep in PACE with this burgeoning demand.

PACE and its Pedagogy:
Pratham Institute has been training students in the hospitality space since 2005.Our emphasis is on skilling students, particularly the unreached, from the rural communities- who comprise 70 % of India's population Unlike the other hospitality management institutions, our emphasis is not only training rural youth but to ensure that they attain skills which make them employable.

Considering this growing demand from the industry, we have made a paradigm shift in our teaching pedagogy. Our curriculum has been made 100 % practical. Like many premier institutions of learning globally, we shifted to Flip Teaching. Students read and work in groups by themselves and take practical sessions on a higher level while in the classroom i.e. PACE Hotels. This is quite a rare phenomenon for students from rural settings in India who are accustomed to 'Chalk and Board' method of learning. Students are also sent for apprenticeships to apply the acquired skills in different ecosystems as well as learn new ones from different employers and settings.

PACE and its Partners:
We are also happy to share that 'Taj Group of Hotels' is our partner in this sector and has been involved in co-creating content, training of trainers, external assessment and in providing placements to the graduates of the institute.
After the completion of the course, students are placed with PACE Hotels as well as other prominent hotels in the nearby locations. With students from the local communities around, what a charm would it be to experience the local traditions of hospitality, local flavors in the cuisine, local know-how of shopping destinations and travel the by-lanes as the locals do.

PACE and its Financial Proposition
Everything comes at a price and so does our training. However, in order to ensure that deserving students gain access to the opportunity, we have a unique 'Learn Now, Pay Later' (LNPL) financing model.
Students are categorized based on their financial and family backgrounds and are given the option to pay the course fee in installments after they have been placed with hotels.
Over 1500 underprivileged students have been supported through the LNPL model to help them build a safe future.

PACE and its Payoff:
A bold experiment enough - our unique 'Hotel + Academic Centre' model, run entirely by the students thus allowing them to hone their skills on the job, has received phenomenal appreciation from guests.
As of today, we have trained over 3000 students; have a 100 % placement rate, student footprints in 250 prominent hotels and 100 % customer satisfaction levels.
We are now set to scale and amplify our impact, and will be opening more hotels. We invite you to be a part of the solution.
Travel to a PACE Hotel; travel with a Mission!!