To help you make a more customized choice depending on the kind of guest you are, here are some of the distinct choices we offer

  • Flooring and Furniture
    PACE Hotel at Khajurao is your 'Home Away in Nature'. Rooms are furnished in earthy tones - green, brown, rust colours. Every room is unique in terms of flooring, furniture and free from the boringness of standard hotel rooms.
  • Kinds of Beds
    Do you want more space to sip your coffee in the mornings and greater space to stretch your legs in the evenings? Or do you like cozy and small rooms?
    Both single and double bed options are available, based on your requirements.
  • Settings in the Room
    All rooms have great views of the garden and whole resort.

We have two kinds of options to choose from for our guests.

  • Cottages : Giving you the comfort of privacy of staying with your loved ones or spending time solitarily, we offer you two types of cottages.
    Standard Cottages: With all the amenities to make you feel like your home. Gives you a chance to sit and explore for long hours in natural settings.
  • Deluxe Cottages: Stylish cottages come with ethnic décor and state of art facilities. An ideal place for families and the ones seeking work-life balance.
  • Rooms : We offer 2 types of rooms for travelers who prefer apartmental settings or would like to stay together with acquaintances.
    Suite Rooms: Accompanied with a private sitting area where you can enjoy your breakfast, play board games or sip evening coffee. 1 in number
    Standard Rooms: Located on the first floor. Soothes your eyes by giving a bird's eye view of the resort. These rooms are also good for young travelers on a budget.
  • All the rooms are equipped with A.C, television, intercom and Wi-Fi.
  • Also, guests would be happy to note that we are a Zero Pollution Zone hotel.


PACE Hotels have multi cuisine restaurants. Both western and Indian food is available depending on the guests' preferences.
Apart from the signature cooking by our chefs, we take 100 % care of your health and use healthy ingredients for cooking.
We recommend you to specify to our chef your tastes before placing an order and tickle your taste buds the moment its being served.
Food and Beverages are also available in your rooms, if you wish to have a lazy vacation.

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