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Pratham Institute

The Pratham Institute for Literacy, Education and Vocational Training was set up in 2005 to help provide individuals with practical skills. The aim was to create sustainable youth skilling programs for employment in industry and to foster entrepreneurship. Industry-specific programs are offered through our PACE (Pratham Arora Centre for Education) centres, with Hospitality being the biggest vertical.

Our Experiment

In 2014 we piloted our unique Hotel + Academic Centre model. As the name suggests, each academic centre would be attached to a fully operational hotel, run entirely by the students thus allowing them to hone their skills on the job.

For the pilot, we chose our flagship hospitality-training centre in Aurangabad and started the first PACE Hotel with 55 rooms. Our Housekeeping, Food & Beverage and Food production trainees service the hotel with only a skeletal staff of hotel veterans. The response from our industry partners was phenomenal. Our students were more confident in their roles, better equipped with industry relevant skills and stayed longer with their first employers. The feedback from our guests was even more fulfilling. They were now part of the solution and the success story of our students.

Suffice to say our experiment was a success. We have trained over 3000 students with this new model and have a 100% placement rate. We are now set to scale and amplify our impact, and will be opening the next PACE Resort at Khajuraho. We invite you to be a part of the solution. Travel to a PACE Hotel; travel with a Mission.